Ubisoft Hackathon - Pimp My Data


Data Visualisation

3D Printing

User Interface

Charles Perinet

Théo Richard

Emma Morin

Camille Peter


Ubisoft organized it’s first hackathon called Pimp My Data where people with different background were invited in order to make some propositions around brandico-linkedin « Use data generated by gamers in order to enhance their gaming experience »

First: Exploit Data

We used a dataset provided by Ubisoft for the game Just Dance because we thought that it could show very different profile of gamers, from casual gamers to esport players. After browsing through thousands of data, we were finally able de define a script to sort what we wanted to use. We also had to improve the dataset with the song style and decade in order to provide what we really wanted for our proof of concept


The global idea of our team was to create story telling and a new way to get through all of the level of an arcade game. We wanted to show the gamers a different way to browse the songs and dances library in order to promote cultural diversity and curiosity.

30 seconds demo of some interactions


The concept is quite simple each song represents a type of music, a country, an historical period. So what we achieve is a kind of world map where the gamer can travel in time and geographically to discover new style of music and unlock unplayed song/dance

Select a decade a discover new musics
Sort the songs by country, dance or decade
See how many countries are left to discover and how many songs are left